Understand your Life path and Change your life


Many of us facing difficulties in our lives, which could be health, relationship, or money related problems, difficulties. 

The difficulty and problem are handrail, brake, wall, insecurity to the worried, for those in fear, and for the dumb. But it is a stairway to the wise, and the free, to the light, to the haven, and the happy being. You have to decide whether the opportunity is a problem or problem is a chance to ascend.

Find your way with the help from our team.

Spiritual And Healing Trainings

Lecture in NYC on February 7th, Subject: Success 

Reiki level 1 training in Deer Park NY on February 8th 

Lecture in NY on March 13th, Subject: The trinity of Body, Soul, and Spirit

Chakra healing therapy in Deer Park on March 14th

Spring equinox nature celebration in Deer Park, on March 21st

For more information, feel free to contact me.