mental disorder treatment

Treat Auditory Hallucinations With Effective Solutions

You may be followed by unusual voices before actually encountering a ghost. They make you feel nervous, frightened, distressful, and uneasy making it venerable for your existence. This is associated with auditory hallucination and it affects the mental health problem entirely. It is also considered as a psychotic disorder that results in schizophrenia.

Jozsef Rau, being one of the known spiritual therapists determines the best and effective treatment from hearing voices in your head. He treats his patients from schizophrenic disorders, manic depression, psychosis, and frightening life experiences. His mental disorder treatment involves the practice of cognitive behavioral therapy which works along with medication. This practice is commonly used to treat mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and phobias. 


What causes auditory hallucinations?


Sleeplessness – lack of proper sleep can make you feel voices in your head. 

Side-effects from medicines – A higher dose of medicines can make your body feel dizzy and lazy. This can put you all in a situation of auditory hallucinations.

Drugs – One of the harmful drugs such as LSD can make you see and hear unusual sounds that may not exist.

Traumatic Incidents – Hearing sound in your head might be a result of a traumatic incident happened in the past of the patient. 

Schizophrenia – This is the chronic mental illness that results from auditory hallucinations which affect a person’s health mentally, physically and emotionally. People who suffer from schizophrenia can hear voices from various external and internal sources. 


There is no disease without a cure. It is all about taking an initiative towards the betterment of mental and physical health. If you are struggling to lead a normal life then think twice to visit us. The team of Jozsef Rau assures you with effective remedies. Our patients are assured with a mental disorder treatment of cure and recovery. With the help of spiritual knowledge and training, anything that seems unusual and venerable can be solved. 

Mental Disorder Treatment

Mental Disorder Treatment