Understand your Life path,

Understand your Life path,

Understand your Life path, Understand your Life path, Understand your Life path,

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Spirit, Ghost, unwanted entity clearing

Signs of Spirits, Ghosts and other Negative Energies

Strange, uncomfortable feeling in the house.

Inexplicable noises.

You got chills, because you felt that someone is in the room and watching you, bot nobody is there.

You can smell strange odor in the house or around you.

Your pets acting nervous, barking or meowing a spot, when nobody is there.

You or your child wakes up the middle of the night feeling that somebody, a ghost or something is there.

You have anxious or depressed feeling for no reason.

Don't worry, you are NOT CRAZY! Either Spirits, Ghosts, or any other Negative Unwanted Entity could be attached to you, or be in your home or workplace. 

These entities don't belong there, you might need Spirit cleaning, and removal of the Unwanted Ghosts or Negative Energies. In some rare cases even exorcism needed.


Effects on you

You feel that don't have energy and always drained and heavy.

In the morning when you get up, you more tired than last night when you went to bed.

You feel depressed.

You hear noises, voices talking to you.

Health problems, illnesses that seem to stay with you forever.

Nervous disorders

Joint pain,

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Heavy breathing, Cancer, Addiction

Bipolar disease, Schizophrenia, etc.

My help for you

 The techniques what I use, had been around in ancient cultures for thousands of years, to overcome various problems. 

You have to know that Ghosts, Spirits and other Unwanted energies won't leave on their own!

Some of them are attached to a place, some of them to people, and some of them to items.

There are some methods, like sage smudging, essential oils, candles, herbs, sounds, etc, which will give you temporary relief, to remove them, but you will not get your clear healthy body, or clean house back from the "invaders".

Probably you would want a pleasant enjoyable home, or work place where you can relax and recharge yourself.

You might want to consider a Spirit cleaning,  Energy Healing, Ghost removal form your home, or in some rare cases Exorcist may needed.

After the removal of these energies, I will balance your energies, to bring your health back!

Feel free to contact me to schedule a session. 

Don't worry, I heard so many cases and I will not judge you!

Our Services

Negative Energy Removal

Negative Energy Removal

Jozsef Rau is a professional Negative Energy Removal Specialist offering his services to commercial and residential properties.  

Black Magician Curse Removal

Black Magic Curse Removal

 Are you doubtful that someone has done hex on you or your family? Well, it’s then the right time to consult Jozsef Rau and seek his help and solutions.  



Do you feel controlled by someone else? Do you scare of being alone in the room?

  Well! You have landed on the right place.

Haunted House

Haunted House

Moving house, following spirits, ghost talks, unusual voices, glooming sensation, babies crying, misplacing things, pronominal activities etc makes a great horror show.

Mental Disorder


You may be followed by unusual voices before actually encountering a ghost. They make you feel nervous, frightened, distressful, and uneasy making it venerable for your existence.  



Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Looking for the best spirit cleaning Company?? Jozsef Rau is your one stop solution!!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched inside your house? There is no valid reason, it’s just uncomfortable, and even your pets are acting out of character. Do you get chills because you felt that there was someone in your bedroom but there was nobody there? Or maybe you’ve experienced some sensation of being touched or you’ve seen a shadow like figure across your room? If yes then certainly you could have a ghost or spirit in your house and sometimes they can even manipulate the energy so you can actually feel their presence around you. 

So if you are facing all these issues then worry no more. Just contact Jozsef Rau, and get the Best ghost removal service online. 

For professional spirit cleaning services, contact Jozsef Rau today!

Professional Ghost Removal services undertaken by Jozsef Rau includes: 

- Initial consultation that includes assurance and assistance of your situation

- In-person home or workplace visit 

- Identification of the spirit, entity, ghost, or negative energy

- A complete explanation of the occurrences

- Ghost and energy clearing

- Feedback and follow up

Always remember that when you face those strange occurrences, it’s not something that you are imagining. Those negative entities do not belong in your house and you need to choose the Best Spirit Cleaning Company to remove bad spirits from your surroundings so you can have your cozy and quiet home back to yourself. 

Contact him today if you are experiencing any of the following:

- Sound of footsteps on the other room or at the staircase

- Clock hands moving the wrong way

- Bad odors with no explanation

- Tapping noises in walls or on the floors

- Lights themselves switching on and off

- Black human shadow like figure across the room

- A ghost that is interacting with you or other members of the house

- Sudden temperature change in the room for no reason

Professional Ghost Removal services offered by Jozsef Rau primarily flushes out that old, stale, unwanted dark energy and ghosts, leaving your home feeling fresh, positive, calm, and light. 

To schedule an appointment for spirit cleaning services with Jozsef Rau, call today!


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